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Solving the MultiBillion Dollar Provenance Problem

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  3. Solving the MultiBillion Dollar Provenance Problem
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The staff at codeX is very dedicated to their work and go far and beyond to make sure their students get the best in terms of skills and placements after completing the program. They create innovative solutions for real life problems.

One of the more memorable solutions for me was a mobile app which helped riders of taxis gauge the speed of the taxi they were in. Continuing the vein of yeeting him, he can be targeted by Temporal Corridor, so you could plausibly set up a Phobos Librarian mid-board with Concealed Positions, advance Shrike to them, have them do an epic high-five being careful to ensure the claws are retracted at the time and fire Shrike into the enemy lines, where he blows the advance and charge strat and goes wild.

Overall, Shrike is a beast, and a huge attraction towards playing down-the-line Raven Guard not that much was needed given the strength of their chapter tactic. Expect to see him in a lot of lists. Raven Guard have an exceptionally powerful relic to swap in for these characters in Ex Tenebris , making them vastly more attractive than normal. Raven Guard have some of the best mobility support for these outside of Blood Angels, having an on-board redeploy psychic power in Shadowstep, and stratagems for boosting and re-rolling charges out of deep strike.

Thunder hammers are certainly pricey now, but increased reliability in delivering the bearers helps to offset the cost.

Quality tested bearings

When going after character Knights in Tactical Doctrine, smash captains in pure Raven Guard are also extremely good, essentially getting the benefits of being both Space Wolves and Blood Angels when it comes to killing power. They also have access to a few neat tricks among relics, with the Armour of Shadows helping them survive through to a second fight, and a few other options to increase their output. Intercessors are already great for their cost with all the buffs the Space Marine codex has given them, and Raven Guard make them shine all the brighter.

The chapter tactic is superb on them, substantially increasing their already considerable durability, and there are some other nice things you can do with them as well, most notably:.

Sniper Scouts are a cheap detachment filler at 13PPM, and once the Raven Guard doctrine goes up present an actual serious threat to enemy characters. Three stationary squads of these in the RG doctrine comfortably pick off a Farseer without help, and give plenty of other things fits too. If you can get them into re-roll bubbles that output only increases, and they even strip quite a number of MWs off big character targets. Marines desperately want to make a dual battalion or even a brigade if they can, so having cheap Troops you actively want in your lists is a real advantage for Raven Guard.

The World’s Registry for Art & Valuable Collectibles

Double shooting Aggressors absolutely melt stuff, and the dream is to get to do this turn 1. Take everything we said about Aggressors and amp it up to Assault Centurions are mind-bogglingly deadly for their cost if you can get them into position, which has always been the hard part. We explored some options to do this with White Scars, but Raven Guard do it even better.

If your opponent is foolish enough to deploy a Knight on the line, redeploying a unit of these with Master of Ambush should equal a dead Knight. If they realise you can do this and backline all their Knights? Great, just put these in deep strike with Strike from the Shadows and leap out on them with a re-rolling charge later on.

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Even if your opponent has a pretty hefty screen up front sending these down their throat can be worth it — mounting flamers and hurricane bolters gives them 42 average flamer hits and 72 bolter shots, which is a hefty toll of dead Guardsmen. The spectacular point cut and extra wound that Assault Centurions got in the codex has left them poised to be great, just waiting for the right mobility tools. Our money is on Raven Guard getting the nod as the best option, so expect to see plenty of tryouts done with these on tournament tables.

Much like Suppressors, if you drop these into cover then anything not nearby is going to have a bit of trouble shifting them. Raven Guard Primaris Eliminators. Credit: Dan Boyd.

Solving the MultiBillion Dollar Provenance Problem

Eliminators are already very, very scary to play against, and Raven Guard really just push them to absurd heights. That already makes them more dangerous than normal, but once the Doctrine goes up things just get a bit silly.

Stuff you point three squads of these at from Raven Guard just dies , especially if you put them in a battle pile with re-roll bubbles. Another nasty trick you can tack on to one squad is to give the sergeant Korvidari Bolts via the Favour of the Ravenspire stratagem. These allow him to shoot at extra range and with no-LOS with all three profiles so, relevantly, the Mortis profile , substantially increasing the threat of untimely death even to characters that hide out of LOS.

Codex | Definition of Codex by Merriam-Webster

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