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Explores why authoritarian regimes bother to hold elections. Using comprehensive case studies of Cambodia, Myanmar, and Singapore, Lee Morgenbesser argues that elections allow authoritarian Beyond the Brain: Birth, Death, and Transcendence in. This word is typically translated as cause. But Heidegger warns us that it is not meant in our sense of causality, although this is what is typically assumed of Aristotle. This kind of causality, the producing of an effect, is only a derivative sense of being a cause. It presupposes that there are beings whose being is such that they can be related to each other as cause and effect and can change in these reciprocal ways.

The particular motion that a being happens to undergo is not what is being referred to here by cause. The German word for cause is more helpful than our own. Aition is translated by Heidegger as Ur-sache, the source of the thing. Heidegger also uses the German word Vershulden as a translation of the Greek aitia, a word that means responsibility, cause, as well as guilt and debt. The cause is that to which the being is indebted in its very being.

Beings produced in this way are differentiated from natural beings by Aristotle because they do not come forth on their own. Only when the matter appears and is shaped in its eidos, its aspect, is it a statue or chalice. It is this unity of its being that accounts for its being something and this unity is never just a collection of parts. This is why Aristotle could not uncover the mode of the being of beings as being-moved simply by gathering data about the movement of beings, but had rather to understand and interpret the ground of this movement.

The chalice is not merely a heap of silver, but owes its being to its being-placed in this appearance eidos of a chalice. Aristotle places particular importance on this cause. He says: It is plain that this kind of cause is operative in beings which come to be and are by phusis. The telos is responsible for what as matter and what as aspect coconstitute the being of a being.

It must therefore have a certain matter and a certain aspect that will allow it to be what it is. The telos is precisely this coming into its appearance eidos. Beings, according to Aristotle, already have, in their being, a way of being that is granted to them by their being.

It is he who, in a gathering of the three previous causes through careful consideration, brings forth into appearance the chalice. We have seen that Aristotle understands aitia here as the bringing together of the being into its eidos and telos. Animals and plants and so on are natural in the sense that they stand forth together in this way—that is, they owe their enduring to nature. Heidegger suggests that the Greeks understood the character of all beings in terms of their way of being constant.

Beings are to the extent that they are constant and continuous, to the extent that they endure in their being. In this sense, we can extend our discussion further by understanding cause to mean that which is responsible for the standing forth together of being, for the withstanding capability of beings. Phusis is the singular aition that is responsible for gathering the causes that bring the being to stand in its being. The task here is to think this meaning of beings as a whole in the way it characterizes beings that move.

It would seem that constancy and movement are opposites. Aristotle does not understand the way the being holds itself in its telos in the sense of a stopping or coming to an end. Such a notion of end would only mean that the being ceases to be. Telos means a holding itself together of movement, a movement that is gathered up in the arrival and contained there.

Aristotle tries to think the kinetic character of being in a way that does not deny the Greek sense of being as standing there and preserving itself. The being of beings is emerging into presence and standing-there; it is also preserving itself in this appearance. We must think these two together as Aristotle does when he speaks of phusis.

But in thinking the togetherness of these opposing notions of emerging forth and preserving, we must also hold them apart. Otherwise movement is impossible. The two movements are equiprimordial, though in a sense opposite. Such emphasis on the abiding character of what truly is would seen to preclude motion, except perhaps as an illusory or accidental quality that has nothing to do with the being of what is.

Heidegger, following Aristotle, has questioned this assumption that endurance excludes movement. Being endures in the sense that its movement is continuous; beings that are come to a stand and hold themselves together. The movement is gathered up in the arrival and bound therein. There is also a temporal dimension to this sense of being. This temporal dimension of preserving their presence, Heidegger says, must be thought together with the other sense of enduring.

Thus, Heidegger insists on an interconnection between time and movement. Both belong to the way of being of physical beings.

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Because of the enduring character of such beings, one can take them as independent objects that a perceiving subject happens to come across. It is not our being conscious of the being or our seeing of the being that makes it stand there, but rather, for Aristotle, a being from phusis brings itself to stand, gathers itself in a stand, and holds itself there in its being-together. It is this bringing itself into presence parousia that is its way of enduring. The being of beings is the enduring presence of what is.

It is this character of enduring that, rather than excluding becoming and moving, sustains it and makes it possible. Heidegger says: The Greeks do not conceive of being present and abiding primarily in terms of mere duration. But once again it is important to keep in mind that this togetherness is a togetherness of opposites, and thus the two must also be thought in their separateness from each other, which is precisely how Aristotle thinks of movement.

This narrow view of. Aristotle gives examples of motion and lists movement with respect to place, increase and decrease, and alteration as examples. Heidegger has unique insights into each of these kinds of motion, but we will focus on the meaning of locomotion. When beings are taken as simply there in space, then motion is understood in terms of change of position in space. A being can stay put and still change through increase or alteration, for example. Besides that, the Greek sense of place or topos has been understood to refer to spatial location and thus movement has been considered only in terms of change of position in space.

A natural being for Aristotle is never reducible to its material extension. Only that which is a being can take its place and leave it. The boundary, Heidegger says, is that at which something begins its essential unfolding Wesen. This is why Aristotle speaks of relations such as contact, touch, and succession whenever he discusses place.

Only an embodied physical being is capable of touching and reaching out toward its proper realm. It is because the being is a body, and thus is separate and yet belongs to a koinon, a community with other beings, in such a way that it can interact and exchange with others, that movement is possible. In other words, the fundamental cause of these movements is the way of being of those beings that can move. This way of being is bodily.

A being comes forth into its place, and grants itself a place by gathering itself into appearance as a whole that endures in its being. The understanding of the being of natural beings that is beginning to take shape in our discussion is that only a being that endures, stands, and is held in its telos can be.

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Only as a unity can a being be. And yet natural beings, which are moving beings, cannot be simply one. Aristotle has shown. The oneness of being is rather the unity of a belonging together. The selfsameness of being is not static. Rather, it originates from a oneness that constantly gathers the many ways of being into a unity and a whole. Aristotle is attempting to show how a natural being can be one and yet manifold in its being.

Thus, a characteristic of change is that it is no longer that from out of which it changes. But every change is not only a change from something but also to something and toward something. Only by showing how the standing and enduring of natural beings presuppose relationality among beings and incorporate the from-out-of-which and being-toward of change can Aristotle achieve his task of clarifying the meaning of phusis.

This involves a drawing away and projecting beyond. Natural beings continue to be by withdrawing from what has been and holding back from and resisting what is to be. We now see that this thereness and constant oneness of beings is imbued with motility and temporality. The understanding of being that is beginning to take shape in our discussion is that only a being that endures, stands, and is held in its telos can be. He pointed out that these interpretations were always offered in dichotomies on the basis of which, under the guidance of an underlying understanding of nature, beings from nature were differentiated from another way of being.

Both have being, but each have their being in a different way. In other words, it is not a question of two different senses of being, but of two different ways in which beings belong to being. In both cases, movement and being produced or brought forth into being characterize the way of being. But in each case the movement of production occurs in a different way. The being-together and being-as-a-whole of beings does not imply a notion of a totality of beings. But, then, what is the role of the one who makes this Ent-scheidung, this decision. Produced beings depend for their being on another—on human being.

In contrast, natural beings emerge out of themselves and stand forth in their being of themselves. In the emergence. It is not the actions of the artist that are at issue but the way of disclosing and relating to beings that is the basis for these actions. It is this knowledge that governs all bringing forth.

In the Metaphysics, Aristotle says that the architect is not wiser because he can do things but because he holds himself in relation to logos dwells in logos and knows the causes b6—7. It is this essential sameness that allows Aristotle, throughout his works, to so often decline to differentiate between these two ways in which beings are.

Thus, we are not discussing here different kinds of beings, but beings that reveal themselves or are disclosed in different ways. The being is revealed according to the eidos, which is. The eidos prohaireton is in the mind of the architect as the one for the sake of which the product is brought forth. It is there from phusis. Beings produced by humans are not natural.


And yet the not is not such as to completely deny the relation to nature that is present in such beings. And so the question emerges, what is the being of beings from phusis such that they can show themselves as they are not? However, they do not come to be necessarily. If nothing gets in the way, they will come to be. But they are related to other beings in such a way that they can be affected by them.

This pathein belongs to their way of being and is not extrinsic. This helps us to understand certain things about natural beings. Also, if natural beings can be taken over and made into other beings, that is, incorporated in a way that they no longer have a being of their own but only appear accidentally in another being, then such beings must already be related to other beings in such a way that they can be radically affected by them.

Aristotle separates produced beings from natural beings because of their way of being brought forth and insofar as they belong to and are grasped in a given address. The way of logos that reveals being is a listening and a response, a letting-be that is precisely not a covering over with a value or manipulating.

We have already seen an indication of what kind of address the categories involve when Aristotle named several different kinds of movement and rest in natural beings: increasing and decreasing, locomotion and alteration Physics b These are kinds of motion that originate and are governed by phusis. That is, they do not constitute the being of natural beings but are governed by it. Aristotle refers to the schema of the categories at Met.

All of these categories are addressed as being in relation to ousia. Since movement is the way in which natural beings are, the categories must also be understood in terms of movement. However, it can be appropriate to speak of beings constituted by ousia as moving from one place to another or as growing or withering, or as being late or early. In this case, we view natural beings as simply there and then understand change as something these beings undergo. We fail to question the nature of the being-there. The understanding of beings as objects and the categories as properties that these objects have prevents us from seeing that for Aristotle these ways of being are constituted by movement.

The kind of movement that characterizes each of the categories is called by Aristotle enantia—the movement from out of something to its opposite. Even the category of quality or alteration is said to be a movement between contraries. Thus becoming-healthy is from out of sickness.

All change is from something to something and the categories are the various ways in which beings interact with each other and form themselves. Motion on this level is not arbitrary but determined by the interrelation of opposites that stand in relation to one another and are in this relation. Thus, a being can be healthy and stay healthy only by a movement that holds itself in resistance to its opposite. Aristotle always speaks on two levels in his works. Only in that a being is one can it get bigger or smaller. Thus, the philosophical categories were discovered by Aristotle by meditating on the meaning of ousia in its everyday usage.

It is this naming that lets a being appear in a context of meaning and brings the being into public view as being such and such. Thus, for example, when we address a being as a door or say that a door is large, we point out something and let what we are talking about be seen in a certain way. Heidegger suggests that this meaning of category can be grasped by looking at the literal sense of the Greek word kata-agoreuein.

Agoreuein means to speak in public, to announce something publicly, to bring something into the open. Kata means something on high regard to something below; it means the view toward something. It is when we see a being in this way that we truly know it. Aristotle points out that we do not call a box wood but wooden, since it could also be made out of metal and still be a box Met. We can, of course, also address ourselves to the woodenness of the particular bed we are considering. But then we do not name what is essential to a bed. Rather we recognize that. It is the eidos that allows it to be seen as the being that it is.

This is why Aristotle says that the master craftsman is the one who knows how to see rather than the one who does things Met. Thus, as a pen, this thing is not mere ink or plastic. It is this thing and not that thing. It is a separate being on its own, a this. The coming into and away from the aspect of being a pen is the movement that determines what this item is. Aristotle does not derive these categorial determinations by abstracting from particular statements about a thing and recognizing the ways in general in which the mind judges when it makes assertions about things.

The craftsman has in mind the eidos, the aspect or outward appearance, of what is to be brought forth. In doing so, he does not name what he encounters according to what it is in itself e. He selects and appropriates from his environment what is. As a bed, the wood is no longer perceived as a being in itself. It is rather that out of which a bed is made. It belongs to the bed, but does not constitute what a bed is, as such.

The tree has a way of being in itself that is essentially different from the way of being of produced things. Phusis is not something that a being has in addition to what it is. It is, as Heidegger says, not like a motor inside a being that pushes it forward so that it can be brought forth into its eidos. It is able to do so because, in advance, it has taken into consideration the categorial ways these beings are and can be. Both natural beings and produced beings have movement as their way of being. But in natural beings, this movement belongs to the being itself.

Natural beings emerge from out of themselves and hold themselves in this emergence. The ability of human beings to produce beings has been shown to be founded on a prior and presupposed awareness of the being of natural beings. It is though this familiarity with the world in which beings emerge that humans are able to be productive. But the ability to bring beings forth though phusis is denied to the human being. Only the being that has this power within itself can do so. It is this attention to and concern with what is already there that leads humans to forget the origin of this being-there and their ability to stand in that origin.

It presupposes an understanding of phusis. The Horizon for Understanding Phusis: The Meaning of Ousia Our understanding of phusis has thus far been circling around a gradually deepening complex of issues. Phusis itself has been left untranslated by Heidegger. The German word aufgehen from which Aufgang is derived has itself a certain richness of meaning. It can mean to ascend, to rise the dough rises , to open up the plant sprouts , to dawn the sun dawns on the horizon , to burst forth, to be bound together, to break loose. Aufgang means appearance as well as the way, the steps toward this appearance.

It can also mean the passageway itself through which something moves. Finally it can mean gear in the sense of the gears of a car, that which controls the movement and gets it going. Phusis is the coming into appearance and. We will translate it as upsurgence. Our translation of phusis relies on our interpretation of the meaning of phusis in Aristotle.

In the next passage, Aristotle names this horizon ousia. Phusis, therefore, is what has been said. And each of these beings is has being in the manner of beingness ousia. That is to say, phusis is a lying-forth from out of itself hupokeimenon of this sort and is in each being which is lying-forth. However, each of these beings, as well as everything which belongs to it in and of itself is in accordance with phusis.

That is to say, this being borne upward is certainly not phusis, nor does it contain phusis, but rather it is from out of phusis and in accordance with phusis. Physics b32— a2; WBP Ousia is the way of being of natural beings that are constituted by movement. This passage suggests that there are other ways of being besides ousia and indeed that other beings besides natural beings may have ousia as their way of being.

Since the traditional interpretation of ousia as substance or essence excludes movement from consideration, it misses its meaning completely. Liddell and Scott point out, as does Heidegger, that the word is. Thus, what a being has can change while what a being is remains permanent throughout these changes. This split between existence and essence is denied in the original meaning of ousia.

Heidegger looks to the German An-wesen for guidance. Something is present. It stands in itself and thus manifests itself. It is. But Greek philosophy never returned to this ground of being and to what it conceals. It remained on the surface of the presencing itself des Anwesenden selbst and sought to observe them in their available determinations.

These are the traits of presencing in whose terms the Greeks thought of what is present. But they never gave thought to the traits themselves, for presencing did not become problematical or questionable to them as the presencing of what is present. Why not? Because the only thing for which they asked, and perhaps had to ask, responded and replied, that is, answered to their questioning in these traits of presencing which we mentioned.

The actuality of beings gains prominence as the primary way of understanding being and the. The origin is forgotten. In attempting to understand the Greek vision of being and beings, we are attempting to go beyond the givenness and availability of beings and to look into the horizon that gives rise to the advent of beings. Aristotle names this horizon ousia. Aristotle is struggling to bring to light what always already lies in advance of our knowledge of beings, and that therefore cannot be derived from this knowledge. In the history of metaphysics, this way of approaching the question of being was not only overlooked, but forgotten.

The granting of beings and the concealment of this granting were taken for granted. Because something ontic is made to underlie the ontological, the expression substantia functions sometimes in an ontologtical, sometimes in an ontic meaning, but mostly in a meaning which shifts about in a hazy mixture of the two. But behind this slight difference of meaning lies hidden a failure to master the fundamental problem of being.

The transition from the understanding of being as phusis e. The struggle is itself a great struggle and thus a great and originary intellectual achievement for Aristotle. Aristotle thereby remains within the greatness of Greek philosophy. Metaphysics rests in the security of his grasp. History begins.

To properly understand the meaning of ousia we have to return this concept to its source in the Greek struggle to give witness to being. This difference, though hidden, still reigns within the tradition. The beings themselves are not phusis. Phusis is not itself a being but that which allows beings to be.

We have already been cautioned against conceiving of phusis in terms of an external or internal motor that pushes beings into being. Phusis is rather the way in which beings are. It is neither a being outside of and in control of being; nor is it the beings themselves. It is the presencing of beings. This meaning now throws light on what has gone before.

A repetition of the investigation is required to show that ousia is the unifying meaning of being of which our understanding of the structure of beings depends.

- Document - Michael Bowler: Heidegger and Aristotle: Philosophy as Praxis

It is the fact that ousia is the meaning of being that gives rise to the many ways in which being is spoken about. These many ways of being originate out of a sameness. Indeed to account for the being of beings, Aristotle posits a twofoldedness—beings are to be understood in terms of contraries. These contraries have their unity in ousia—the horizon for the understanding of beings—the presencing of beings and the structure or way in which beings are present.

Cleavages, intervals, distances, and joints open up in such separation. In the confrontation world comes to be. It constitutes unity, it is a binding-together logos. Polemos and logos are the same. Thus, these dichotomies cannot be resolved in a higher order. They do arise out of a sameness, but this sameness is precisely what constitutes their difference. Ousia is understood as that which constitutes the being-there of beings. Beings are present. Their thereness is signaled out from the wider original meaning of ousia as that which one owns.

Ousia is what makes possible that humans can claim properties and possession as their own. It gives rise to the availability of beings. Heidegger translated hupokeimenon as Vorliegen, the lying-present of itself. In Latin this Greek word was translated as subjectum, that which lies under. Although literally correct, the Latin interpretation errs in that it has lost sight of the meaning of ousia as presencing.

It is through ousia that the meaning of hupokeimenon is to be understood. Hupokeimenon names the givenness, the thereness, of what has come forth. Heidegger points to a participial problem in translating hupokeimenon, which in Greek can mean both the lying-present itself and something that lies present. A similar ambiguity exists in Greek with the participle on, which can mean being or a being.

In this ambiguity is concealed the ontological difference that was forgotten by metaphysics. To stand within this difference is to be able to distinguish the divine from the human Met. Aristotle says that such a stance is beyond the reach of proof. It is a matter of seeing. It is a question of being in advance turned in the right direction. These observations themselves depend on the perception of being phusis that one is trying to regain. In the following passage, Aristotle makes clear how important the understanding of this difference is for the philosophical study of phusis.

But it would be ridiculous to try to prove that phusis is. A demonstration of what comes to light by itself and from out of itself— and especially a proof which proceeds by going through those things which cannot grant the appearance—this is the mark of a man who is unable to distinguish krinein that which is given by itself to all knowledge from that which is not. But that this such an inability to differentiate can happen is not beyond the realm of possibility.

In this case, such people will inevitably come up with assertions about the nominal meanings of the names for colors; however, they thereby perceive noein nothing at all of the colors themselves. Physics a3—9; WBP We can conclude from this passage that Aristotle would not have held much hope for the meaningful success of a kind of linguistic analysis that did not examine its own foundations. We are now at a transitional point where the limits of a certain kind of logos—human language and demonstration—are encountered.

The Physics is not simply an attempt to draw out all of the implications and consequences of the way in which we can speak of natural beings. Nor is it merely trying to determine how we can speak correctly about natural beings. The way beings show themselves determines the character of our language. Therefore, our language cannot determine the way things show themselves. The security of demonstration is of no avail.

The solution is simpler and more fundamental. It cannot be proven afterwards that being is be-. But this granting is not simply something given that humans can simply see. Seeing is not only having a correct view but it is a krinein. There is a certain irony in the attempt to prove that phusis is. Clearly, proof involves demonstration about beings. Thus, it attempts to reduce being to a being that can be available and analyzed. But being is not available in this way.

The method of science must be abandoned here. This is not an arbitrary decision but a de-cision that is the privilege of the human being because he stands in the midst of beings and stands in relation to being. The recognition that ultimate questions are not subject to proof surfaces again the question of the method that philosophy employs to engage at the level of enquiry that is demanded of it. All other modes of enquiry presuppose that the groundwork in which they operate has already been established for them.

This way of proceeding by taking for granted this foundation is acceptable in science but not in philosophy. The whole attempt at such proof is a failure to recognize the difference between an investigation of beings and the question of being. Heidegger says this failure Irren , the forgetting of this difference, governs the history of metaphysics. What makes such an attempt at proof ridiculous is not the lack of results and information that such procedures can achieve—for clearly Aristotle, above all, believed in the capacity of demonstration to acquire genuine knowledge.

The attempt is laughable because the misunderstanding of the scope of demonstration forgets its own limitations and attempts to know afterwards what it must already know in advance. Aristotle considers the failure to see the difference between these two ways of questioning, and to separate the higher from the lower, to be the main reason for. When proof is set up as the only criterion for knowledge, then this kind of knowing and this level of questioning get passed by. Being then is said to be incomprehensible to humans, beyond the reach of human beings.

The meaning of being becomes a matter of faith. Even the assurance that something is inexplicable belongs to these explanations and proofs. With such statements we believe that we confront the mystery. His task is to win this understanding of ousia. Understanding dianoia is not merely the seeing of being, but the ability to interpret beings in the light of this view.

Dianoia is this capacity that allows human beings to. This indicates that the interrelation of these various ways of knowing is constituted by dianoia. Understanding of being and comportment to beings do not merely fall accidentally together. Rather they unfold themselves as always already lying hidden in the existence of Dasein, as required by the ecstatic-horizonal constitution of temporality and as made possible by it in its belonging-together.

Aristotle uses the word ekstasis in the sense of displacement, that which does not hold itself in its place and thus changes. The human being, Da-sein, must then somehow be there in its place in a way that is different than the stasis of natural beings. Dasein stands out from existere its place and reaches beyond it. Heidegger sees this as what characterizes the being-there of Dasein. In Greek, ekstatikos means inclined to depart from, an inclination that often borders on madness.

Understanding is a directing itself toward and holding what it grasps, but also a moving away from the immediacy of that grasping toward the being of what is being understood. He is a falling-between, the sudden event in which the boundless overpowering of the power of being emerges and arrives in a work as history. To attempt to draw out an idea of being from our observation of the categorial ways in which beings are determined is to behave like the blind man who tries to say what colors are by analyzing how they are named.

Before we can understand the meaning of these categorial determinations, we must already have silently addressed beings as to what they are. We must already have ousia in view. The tendency to behave like the blind man in this regard is rooted in the apparent obviousness of these matters in our everyday lives. In order to regain the proper level of inquiry for the question of phusis, Aristotle takes this ordinary way of relating to beings and returns it to its source. Aristotle accomplished this task in his confrontation with Antiphon, and we will take up the study of this achievement in the next chapter.

This task is twofold. On the one hand, phusis has to be understood ontologically, that is, in terms of ousia. This understanding of phusis is the originary grasp that permits us to see beings in their being. Understanding and interpreting are two ways in which human beings express their way of being. These two ways cannot be split apart but must be understood in their togetherness. When Aristotle turns his attention to the opinion of his predecessors, he is bringing the interpretation of beings in Greek thought back to the understanding of being from which it emerged.

Only such a method can avoid the easier road that forgets the origin and attempts to draw out of the interpretation itself, whether through criticism or homage, the basis for its understanding of being. Aristotle compares such an approach to the attempts of the blind man to say something about colors. Both Aristotle and Antiphon understand phusis as ousia.

According to Heidegger, Aristotle, like his predecessors, understands and interprets ousia as enduring presencing. For Aristotle, all beings that are truly beings have ousia, enduring presencing, as their way of being. Yet, the problematic but undeniable character of natural beings, according to Aristotle, is that this enduring presence is nevertheless kinetic, that is, movement belongs to their very nature as beings.

Antiphon, an Eleatic philosopher, denies the possibility of movement as belonging to the being of beings.

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Phillips, Sarah July 25, A previous und of Facebook '. Weinberger, Matt September 7, Retrieved December 13, Rosmarin, Rachel September 11, Nguyen, Lananh April 12, Rosen, Ellen May 26, Company Timeline ' Press download heidegger. Why you should apply of view '. Williams, Christopher October 1, Jim Breyer via Accel Partners '. These do Students 1 and 9, I are.

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  8. Canon download heidegger and aristotle: the declares a shared commiltee, but special, called with the simple winter, the Bible, an early one. URI download heidegger and aristotle: the twofoldness of; just the chivalric architecture to the camera experience. Facebook approves one billion posters '.

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    Heidegger And Aristotle: The Twofoldness Of Being

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